A self taught independent artist based in Thika, Peter Ngugi has found a loyal following of keen art collectors who are fascinated by his portrayal of animals. Having passed through a series of emaciated and then obese creatures, experimenting further with densities of light and form, he is now exploring with mixed media – surreal combinations of animals and people with paper collages.


Ngugi says “I work mainly in oil colours. My work is figurative with clear-cut and vividly coloured figures. I am currently experimenting with transparency and colour. Images in the foreground do not hide the images they overlap in the background, rather they just change colour depending on the colour of the image they overlap. My animal figures defy the rules of proportionality, colour, light and shade. I also have done a few pieces with paper collage. My canvases bear thin lines running through the paint in random spiral patterns. My work is largely experimental and changes from time to time.”


Peter is greatly inspired by Salvador Dali, ES Tinga tinga and enjoys Peter Elungat’s works. He has exhibited across the globe with great success in Kenya and the USA.