Many consider him a reincarnation of the great classical ages. The self taught Peter Elung’at started painting in the late 90s and latter joined Kuona Trust then at the Kenya National Museum as one of the resident artists. His style is quite unique evoking thoughts about the masters of the Baroque era.


He only paints one woman – Angelica.


Angelica was a personality that brushed his life when he was just starting to paint and has obviously had profound if not absolute influence on his practise. Back in the day, the Madonna like Angelica, with soft and vulnerable beauty was independent of the artist. Today, she has become a split entity of the artist – a reflection of his thoughts and critical events in his life.


Elungat is arguably one of the fastest selling artists in East Africa. Unlike many of his colleagues who largely rely upon foreign markets, Elungat has managed to curve a niche market among the local art collectors.