Patrick Kinuthia is one of the most vibrant, diverse (subject) and widely collected artists in Kenya. He has participated in numerous exhibitions locally and abroad, the most recent being in Australia, dubbed ‘The People of Kenya’.

“Though I work well with oils and acrylics, I prefer working with water colours because it gives me ample freedom to create light hearted paintings.  Contrasting the subject from the background is a style I have come to embrace especially in my animal-life and landscape paintings.  Lately I’ve found myself inclined towards bold brush strokes and warm colours. I feel more free with such ease of hand. The choice of pallet, to capture human joys I guess … I don’t enjoy sadness”, Kinuthia jokes.

Kinuthia’s paintings reflect both a free-style approach as well as a disciplined observer of both human and animal form and behaviour. His bold strokes of colour light-up the subject of the canvas, while the subtle backgrounds draw you in to the painting without concentrating on depth or detail, leaving you to focus on the single object of the painting in the foreground.

Patrick Peter Kinuthia was born in 1967.  He worked for Citizens Cinema Cooperation as a poster artist for its cinema halls making scenery and portraits under the tutelage of the Pakistani artist Mohammed Rafiq. He however attributes his artistic influences to be Norman Rockwell, Paul Rahily, and David Shepherd. He is a Christian, married with two sons.