A graduate of Creative Art Centre Nairobi, Mary Ogembo has come to be one of the top female artists in the region. She has exhibited in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Egypt, France and Canada. She has also participated in numerous workshops and residencies and is widely published both locally and internationally. In 2005, she was the winner of the prestigious Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Award.


The African woman is her principal subject. Capturing her lifestyle and the facets of her existence – she has become known for the portraits of her young innocent African girls, sometimes with a bulging untimely pregnancy to the endowments of the dancing vivacious lady with the world in her palm.


She recently embarked on capturing the hairstyles of women around her – from the solid bald, Mo-hawks, banana braids, to the liberal dreadlocks.


In all this, her woman remains strong, ripe yet pure, with mystical power and appeal. That is Mary Ogembo.