There never were a lot of writing, spelling and mathematical problems in Martin Muhoro school books. Instead, they were full of drawings of zebras, gazelles and giraffes.

Martin Muhoro grew up in the Rift Valley in Kenya. On his way to school he often came close to its famous wildlife. He always knew deep inside that he would become an artist, so when he left school in 2001 Martin embraced the struggle he knew lay ahead to make a living with painting. For Martin, as for many other aspiring artists, the road was hard and rocky. There were several moments where he considered giving up, and find “easier” ways of earning a livelihood.

After many years of artistry, it is still the wild animals that are Martin’s source of inspiration. His paintings are built up in many layers and the motifs are developed with quick brush movements across the canvas.

Martin has a distinct style and he has actually been recognized by a number of Kenyan cultural institutions who have invited him to exhibit his works.