Articulate, ambitious and inspiring are words best to describe the self-taught artist, Jeffie G. Magina.

Growing up with a journalist father, Jeffie was the inquisitive boy  who always took his father’s magazines and sketched whatever he found interesting in them. After his parents’ demise when he was 10 years, he struggled to cope with his loss and the ‘irrelevant’ love for art. Expectations eventually led him to pursue a different career path. Jeffie graduated with a CPA K from Pinnacle Business School and a Bachelor of Commerce from Strathmore University and worked as an accountant for close to five years but eventually gave up his career to follow his passion, Art.


His works largely carry an emotional struggle encompassed with love and creativity. His palette often depicts a serene world filled with warmth yes and that reasonable uncertainty to life. In this Series, Magina ponders – What memories do you relish about your childhood? What uncertainties did the society around you nudge you into?


Childhood memories filled with that nostalgic sense of innocence, freedom and ease of life that is only present to a child.