Gakunju Kaigwa has been sculpting for nearly 30 years. He is arguably the most experienced sculptor in the Country. He uses stone, wood, steel, resin, bronze and other materials with each medium allowing him to express different ideas and forms.

The unifying theme in his work is his awareness and commentary on life. He describes his intent as to   “… make sculpture based on my observation of everyday people doing ordinary things in both traditional and contemporary societies. Using various mediums, I seek to capture character and mood in a figurative style that often includes a touch of humour.”

He graduated from JKUT in 1980 in Fine Arts; attended the Academia di Belle Arti in Italy in 1988; studied for Master of Fine Arts in Public Art at the University of Dundee, Scotland, 1992 and in 1994, enrolled in the apprenticeship Program at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, in New Jersey.

Gakunju is widely exhibited and collected internationally both by individuals and institutions.