A collection of Kenyan Contemporary Art is not complete without a piece by the self taught Elijah Ooko.

He started his career decorating kiosks and painting murals and in the 1980s, was introduced to the canvas by Ruth Schaffner who became his key mentor. He has his works hanging in major Art Museums in Germany, UK, USA and Kenya as well as being part of notable private art collections.

‘ Elijah Ooko, an artist born with more talent than many die with…. He came to (international) notice with painstaking paintings of animals and birds that were brilliant evocations of East African wildlife. Simple yet lyrical, they created a tremendous sense of place. You could smell the savannah.

… He has always been fascinated by the dazzling camouflage of zebras. Now it appears to have become an obsession ’

Frank Whalley, Art Critic. The East African Newspaper

May 17th, 2010.