Cyrus Ng’ang’a started his art at an early age as a self taught artist working in different mediums. He made sculptures using found object e.g. bottle tops, wire, sponges etc. His work has evolved, becoming more sophisticated in composition and is now one of the most easily recognizable sculptors in the country, his favored medium still being found objects.

His subjects range from larger than life insects, wildlife birds and occasionally, people. In the recent past, he has embarked on the ‘Stunners’ project. Using scrap metal and accessorized with almost anything that fits in, he has designed and consistently exhibited an ever growing ‘line’ of sunglasses that are a depiction of the fashion crazed society he lives in. They have become a near expected feature in every exhibition an artist from Kuona Studios visits, donning them, the Stunners.

He has attended local and international workshops and regularly exhibited in Kenya.