The self-taught Collin Sekajugo was born in 1980 in Masaka – Uganda. He went back to Rwanda in 2007 following artistic study tours to over 15 countries around the world with a mission to ‘use art to change lives’, and his rise as a collectable artist started then.


Sekajugo’s own artwork reflects on his social conscience; the link between art and community. The desire for social transformation in Africa. Sekajugo has participating at international artists’ conferences, workshops and residencies in Africa, Europe and North America through which he has gained substantial international name recognition. His artworks are displayed in various public and corporate collections. He has been featured in different galleries in East Africa, South Africa, Japan, Europe and the USA.


Sekajugo is the founder of Ivuka Arts in Rwanda and In Uganda the Weaver bird – a community centre for the arts.