Born in Kampala Uganda, Byamugisha Mark Kassi is a graduate of Kyambogo University where he pursued  Diploma in Textiles and Fabric Decoration. While at the university, his strong passion for painting edged him to practise art on his own outside the classroom.

Kassi’s paintings are near realistic; they have a unique texture as he applies paint to the canvas in form of miniature segments and drips ensuing to neo impression-expressionism feel. He has experimented with various drawing and painting mediums for over 10 years settling for acrylic on canvas.

He is inspired by social issues, the people he meets and for the past two years Photography, which he has used to capture and paint a series of kids’ studies (paintings). He quips, ‘ … now what more inspiration do I need to come up with a series of paintings than the freedom, cries, laughter, games and the occasional ‘photo me’ calls from the kids around my neighbourhood as I chat with them from the balcony of my studio? Sometimes I wish I was a kid!’

Mark has exhibited numerously in Kenya and Uganda, most notably at the former Gallery Watatu.