Anne Mwiti is an established Kenyan artist and a lecturer of Fine Art and Design at Kenyatta University, she doubles as an inspiration to young artists as young as seven years old during her free time.

She is inspired much by the human face and the diversity of the human characters of all races. This could be due to the fact, in her own words; humans are so imperfect, yet so ingenious and resilient! Colour too is a major inspiration to her creative process – it is the light that illuminates a work of art she quips – and certainly the human being is full of light and spirit. Our spiritualism lights our path or darken them.

Her aspirations are to create artworks that will inspire people of all generations and races and bring joy in the human spirit.

Her artworks are mostly of mixed media and hand painted, including a sense of personal history. It has been shown in various Kenyan galleries, as well as outside Kenya, in Brazil, Congo DRC, and is currently preparing to show case her pieces at the Carré d’Artisté in August 2014